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Anonymous asked:

I saw Rupert to be the cutest of the 3 in the 1st 2 movies. But as he got older, he just got sloppy-never combs his hair, always wears tee shirts-even when going to special events. He needs to stop dressing/acting so juvenile and hire a good designer. Tom, James, Oliver, and Matt Lewis always dress pretty good. He's 26 and needs to stop acting like a little kid. Everytime he's in a cast photo, he looks like a fish out of water--he stands out like a sore thumb. 1/2


In my opinion, he doesn’t need to do that. That’s just this thing. And I didn’t get your second message.

Then don’t see him, nobody forces you to. It’s not that he is everywhere like some so-called “High-flying academic A-list star” ,or he’s short of followers. Hey you know what ? you should follow male models ,they dress even better than Tom,James,Oliver and Matt but alas I don’t find any of them doing better than a sloppy-looking,juvenile-dressing,childish-behaving 26-year-old .And yeah the directors and producers must be brain-damaged for hiring a fish-out-of-water to play different, complicated characters, and the co-stars must be idiots for praising his acting skills and kindness. Wait, why on earth am I wasting this much time on replying someone who doesn’t even dare to identify himself ? Must have been too cheery for all these rave reviews about some sore thumb’s performance in some little Broadway play :P

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